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Name: Mary Clark
Nickname: Mare
Aliases: M

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 133 lbs

Time Period: Victorian Era
Birth Date: April 8, 1860
Death Date: November 21, 1920

Occupation: Assassin
Affiliations: Assassin's Order, Levantine Assassins, Ottoman Assassins, London Assassins
Rank: Assassin Third Rank (Constantinople)  / Master Assassin (London)

Theme:… – Hero, Elizaveta


Dark strawberry blonde, light blue eyes, slender and average height, and equipped with lots of lean muscle from extensive Assassin’s training. Her hair has developed lighter highlights throughout as a result of the Istanbul sunshine, and her face has developed faint freckles across her nose and cheekbones from the same cause (though there are virtually none on her forehead where the hood falls). Customary of Levantine Assassins after being inducted into the organization, her right ring finger is branded with the insignia of the Assassin Order. After joining the London Brotherhood, she added an Assassin’s ring on top of the brand.

Mary is almost always clothed in her Assassin's robes; in fact, it is an extreme rarity to see her without them. In Constantinople she wore Assassin's robes traditional for the region—made from tan linen, the robes were cut in the traditional style of the Assassins but worn with fewer undergarments than most. Knotted green and red rope made up a belt which tied the front of the robes together in lieu of buckles, and she wore loose pants and a shirt underneath the robes. Her footwear alternated between sandals and soft-soled boots. In London, her clothing had to be changed to reflect the different climate and culture. She chose wine- and black-colored robes with copious leather and velvet, as well as numerous silver buckles and buttons bearing or shaped like the Assassin's insignia. Beneath her robes she refused to wear the soft corset most British female Assassins did and instead buttoned her vest slightly tighter to emulate the appearance.


Mary herself is tolerable and sometimes likeable, if quite private and possessed of an intense self-discipline. She has an air of severity and solemnity about her much of the time, especially if any topic of conversation or the events around her begin to tend toward pertaining Assassins and her role as one. In fact, criticism or challenges to the Order or her identity as an Assassin are one of the few ways to snap her out of her typical dispassionate mindset, and on these subjects she is incredibly adamant. Her deep appreciation for the history and ideals of the Creed have given her a unique appreciation for the ebb and flow of life, the capabilities of her own body, and the brotherhood she shares with everyone that is a part of the Order. Mary has a deep sense of connection with the world as a whole, and she certainly believes that she can see a level of it that most non-Levantines cannot.

She believes a great deal in the value of fun, especially if that fun involves a little bit of competition and physical exertion. As little as she would ever admit it, she does like to have her ego stroked from time to time and besting people in a competitive space is an excellent way to do that. She is very talented at keeping her emotions in check, but this of course leads to a great deal of bottled woe and anger that has to be released at some point. She is very blunt and often quick to cut to the point of things, much in the way she was trained to kill (get in, get out, but leave no loose ends). Mary is as efficient and precise in conversation as she is in action.

Hardly an opportunist nor a free spirit, Mary has a level of dedication to her missions that sometimes inhibits her. She is creative and precise in her killing methods, but only within the parameters of a mission. Neither anger nor pressure can push her to break the rules; she follows orders to a T. This, however, also prevents her from being her own person until she can leave this behind.

- Assassin's Garb: she perceives her robes, hidden blade, and eventually ring as both identity markers and symbols of her status and accomplishments. Bearing and wearing them is very important to her. She also places a great deal of faith in their meaning when worn by others and essentially uses the Assassin insignia as a mark of someone to trust.
-  Competition: while unappreciated when it is in a serious way, competition in fun or play is a great motivator for Mary, and she will enthusiastically accept most challenges.
- Observation: her appreciation for the flow of energy and life is best tapped by observation, she has found, and she also feels that observing in calm environments gives her an edge to sense the world around her on a mission.

- Challenges: different from competition in Mary’s mindset, challenges to her identity, abilities, or her Brotherhood are certain to aggravate her because of the threat they pose to her sense of Self.
- Free Mercy: only an antagonist in certain situations, she hates when an Assassin is forgiven or given mercy for something she considers an unforgivable mistake—like failure.
- Adrenaline Junkies: a distaste that extends to many of her Assassin brothers and sisters, Mary is irritated by those who pursue activities for thrill and has no respect and active dislike for those Assassins who enjoy their occupation for its excitement.

- Expulsion: the entirety of her identity is wrapped up in the Assassin Order, and so expulsion from the Brotherhood would strip her of Self and purpose as well as her friends and  home.

- compulsive cuticle picking when under the pressures of both boredom and stress
- she likes to locate a high point and simply relax there to observe the flow of the world around her

- Mary has ADD, which means that she is both benefited and hindered by moments of distractibility and hyper-focus.
- She cannot stand challenges to her Assassin Brotherhood or identity; insulting or threatening those are the only surefire way to draw her into combat at any given time.
- Her haughtiness and superiority complex over anyone she perceives as inferior can make interaction or association with her distasteful sometimes.
- An extreme dedication to “the rules” and the parameters of her missions sometimes prohibits her from thinking creatively and accomplishing more on her own terms. She does not exist outside of the Assassin Order, which comes with detractors despite she herself not minding.
- She automatically trusts those who are identified physically as Assassins and has blind faith in the Creed, making her susceptible to manipulation.

Sexuality: Asexual Demiromantic


Eagle Vision: She has, through careful and strenuous training and exercise, developed a moderate manifestation of Eagle Vision. Much to her frustration, a lack of natural ability with the sixth sense means that she will likely never be able to develop it further.

Fighting Style: Mary has been trained in the clandestine arts of assassination and takes to them very well. Like her brothers in Constantinople and the Assassins of the past, she is an adamant believer in kills as silent stealth affairs. As such, she prefers to stay out of direct combat and to end battle quickly when she must be in that situation. Her fighting style is fast and decisive, using bladed weapons almost exclusively and aiming for the death, not stunning or disabling, of her opponent. Even after years of further training with the London Assassins, she primarily uses Levantine techniques and weaponry.

Weaponry: Hidden Hookblade, Pistol, Poison, Explosive Bombs, Smoke Bombs, Throwing Knives, Yataghan, Grappling Hook/Rope Launcher, Fear Tactics

Preferred Weapon(s): Hidden Blade

Skill Statistics:
********         Agility
*****                Swordsmanship
*******            Hand-to-Hand
*********       Stealth
**********     Assassination
******              Ranged Accuracy
*******            Defense
********         Offense
*******            People Skills


Mary has connections in many places throughout the world, though those who are closest to her are in Constantinople. Though she feels as if she sometimes struggles to truly connect with people in the way others do--that is, she feels close to people without truly knowing anything about them--it does not bother her. In fact, she considers it something of a gift to be able to emotionally detach from other people.

Reputation: In Constantinople, she was relatively well-liked. Not as severe as many of the older Assassin mentors, but certainly an adult with a developed sense of humor and a mind of her own. She was something of a teacher’s pet, arriving with some natural talent but not a particularly remarkable individual aside from her determination to learn. In London, however, her severity was not as forgivable to many members of the London Brotherhood. She had an air of haughtiness and superiority around her that no one appreciated very much, and it took some adjustment before they began to accept her rather than merely tolerate her. Eventually she gained an important role within the Brotherhood as an ambassador and held a deal of respect for that.

Alfred Black, British Assassin - a colleague in the London Brotherhood and one of their most lethal weapons. Though Mary has held a grudging respect for the man since making his acquaintance in 1894 but never particularly liked his enjoyment of assassination. She did not gain an especial dislike of him until he began courting her sister Isabel in 1897, when she began to hold an active grudge against him and interfered in their relationship whenever possible. After his marriage to Isabel despite Mary, she returned to a grudging respect and eventually grew to like him as they spent more time together.

Gracie Clark, American Templar – niece to Mary by blood, Gracie had a close bond to her aunt throughout childhood. Though she did not know of her parents’ nor Mary’s Assassin affiliation, she remained close to them. Gracie and Mary’s relationship deepened after Gracie’s two brothers and father died of illness, and Mary took on a friend and mentor role rather than a guardian/parental one. Unbeknownst to Mary, Gracie was slowly being warped by her Templar lover. Mary was the only person whom Gracie told when she disappeared from London to join the Templars. Despite the enmity their allegiances foster, they each consider the other someone whom they are friends with.

Sila Yezbek, Ottoman Assassin – a fellow trainee and friend to Mary in Turkey, Sila went with her to Jerusalem and had the bunk nearest to her in Constantinople. She all but served as Mary’s replacement for Isabel, though the two did not meet until Mary was 14 and Sila 16. Sila continued to live in the Ottoman after Mary left but visited her in London. The two kept in touch via letter correspondence, and Sila later met up with Mary when the English Assassin found herself in locations nearby Sila’s home city.

Ismael Odid, Levantine Assassin – when he was Mary’s mentor in Jerusalem, she held some distaste for him. After learning under her Constantinople mentor for years, she found Ismael too lenient and somewhat inadequate. She respected him for his position, but returned feeling as if she had learned nothing. The two did, however, hit it off as friends and had many an entertaining moment together during Mary’s four-year stay in Jerusalem.

None of note.

Other Relationships:
Dame Evie Frye, Indian Assassin – Master Assassin and co-leader of the British Brotherhood, Mary only knew her as a child. Evie frequently entertained and played with the younger trainees like Mary and Isabel, and was one of Mary’s teachers before Evie departed for India. Due to their age difference they were never more than acquaintances, and their relationship all but terminated after Evie joined the Indian Brotherhood. A brief re-connection in between Mary’s arrival and Evie’s second departure in 1894 confirmed that they shared a respectful acquaintanceship through the Brotherhood, but nothing more.

Sir Jacob Frye, British Assassin Leader – a Master Assassin and leader of the British Brotherhood, Jacob Frye is the man whom Mary takes directions from. The two had a tense relationship upon Mary’s return to London in 1893, as they believed in very different methods of running things, and in some cases Mary attempted to outright usurp control from Jacob on missions. Reasonably mistrustful of her, Jacob kept Mary on a tight leash before she proved herself to be loyal and more respectful of the British Brotherhood. They never had a good nor outright bad relationship after that. Mary eventually gained respect for Jacob’s efficacy as an Assassin.

Ismali Apak, Ottoman Assassin Den Leader – the Assassin offered his home to Mary when she arrived in Constantinople as a child and occupied the role of both a father figure and mentor-like friend to her as she continued to live with him until her training intensified at 16. The two remained close after she moved into the communal bunks for trainees. She later emulated his role in her life with her relationship with her niece, Gracie.

Ayaz Turkan, Ottoman Assassin – Mary’s mentor in Constantinople. Ayaz was an old friend and colleague of Mary’s host and accepted Ismali’s request to ensure that Mary acclimated to the Ottoman Brotherhood smoothly. Though he was stern and instilled in Mary the refusal to accept failure from herself or others, he was not severe. His approach to her training was dominated by encouragement and positive reinforcement, and after many years together he gave a show of fierce pride when she became a full Assassin and gained ranks after that. He and Mary largely lost contact after she returned to London, but remained special enough in one another’s memory that they spent multiple days together when Mary was in Constantinople again on a mission.


Born in London, England into the British Brotherhood of Assassins in 1860, Mary Clark left at age 12 to join the Levantine Brotherhood in Constantinople. After training with the Levantine Brotherhood for over twenty years, she returned to London. Culture shock rendered her first year there tense and full of strife, but Mary’s intense obsession with the Creed eventually eased with adjustment to her new world. She and her twin, Isabel, reformed the close bond they held as children and maintained it until Mary’s death. Mary never returned to Constantinople to stay, instead remaining in London to serve as their global ambassador. She died in 1920 during a battle in Dublin.

Birthplace: London, England
Residences: Constantinople, Turkey (1872-1897, 1880-1893); Jerusalem, Israel (1876-1880); London, England (1860-1872, 1893-1920)

Isabel Clark , sister, British Assassin - left behind when Mary departed for Constantinople, Isabel continued to be raised and trained by the London Brotherhood. The twins attempted to keep contact with one another at first, but progressively diverging personalities and life paths drove the two apart. Their correspondence ended completely in 1890. The two reunited when Mary returned to London in 1893, and while their relationship was very strained for a while Isabel staunchly defended her sister against the criticisms of her Order's brothers and sisters. After a slow process of acclimation to the British Brotherhood, Mary relaxed and the two became closer again. Isabel married a fellow British Assassin, Alfred Black, in 1900. She changed her name back to Clark when Alfred passed away of illness along with two of her children in 1905.

Richard Clark, father, printer - allied with the British Assassins through his wife, Amelia, Richard Clark adopted his father's trade as a printmaker. He was apprenticed to and took over for a printer named Andrew Smith, who had been affiliated with the Crawley Assassins for decades. Upon the revival of the London Order, Richard and his mentor became allies of theirs as well. He met Amelia White while she was on a mission that brought her to his printmaking workshop and fell in love, choosing to marry her. Despite his alliance with the Brotherhood and his wife and daughters' membership in it, he never chose to become an Assassin himself.

Amelia Clark neé White, mother, British Assassin - a former low-ranking member of the Blighters Gang, Amelia was born in Westminster to a pair of factory workers in 1842. She too worked in a factory as a child until she broke free by joining the Templar-sponsored gang. When her home borough was conquered by the Frye's Rooks, she willingly joined the rival gang. Through the Rooks, she learned of and eventually joined the Assassin's Guild. Upon meeting Richard Clark she retired to an administrative bookkeeping role within the Order for the sake of courting him. She gave birth to twin girls, Isabel and Mary, at age 28 and chose to raise them within the Brotherhood.

Alfred Black, brother in-law, British Assassin - recruited from an orphanage by Jacob Frye as a child, Alfred was more or less raised within the Brotherhood from a young age. He inherited a natural ability for Eagle Vision and learned assassin techniques very quickly, leading him to eventually become one of the British Brotherhood's most lethal agents. He met Isabel Clark first in 1895 and experienced a magnetic attraction to her from the start despite Mary Clark's interference with their relationship. They continued to work together for another decade before he proposed to Isabel and married her in 1900. He died of an illness that killed many of his brothers in the Order and took his two sons.

Gracie Clark, niece, American Templar - born second child to Isabel and Alfred Black, Gracie was raised without any knowledge of her parents' membership in the Assassin Order as they learned from the mistakes of her older brother Conner. She survived the illness that killed her father and brothers brothers and had a relatively normal childhood. As a teenager she fell in love with a young man named William Miles, who was secretly a member of the Templar Order. With her perception of the Assassins warped by his influence, she chose to join the Templar Order and disappeared from London. She lived in the United States until her death.

George Black, nephew, deceased - born second son to Isabel and Alfred Black, George died of an unknown illness as an infant along with a number of members in the London Brotherhood.

Conner Black, nephew, deceased - born first child to Isabel and Alfred Black, Conner knew about his parents' affiliation with the Assassin Order from childhood and was constantly butting into Order business as a toddler. This also included dashing around their base when a disease outbreak spread among the Brotherhood, which he then contracted and later died of.

Familial Background: The Clarks were a long family of printmakers before Mary and Isabel Clark. A popular and somewhat constant presence in London, Clark Printmakers became an affiliate of the London Brotherhood in 1880 when Richard Clark joined with his former mentor, Assassin Andrew Smith, to create an extensive printmaking resource for the Brotherhood that spread throughout the British Isles. In his line of work providing for the London Brotherhood, Richard Clark met and fell in love with a female Assassin. The pair gave birth to two twin sisters, whom they chose to raise within the Brotherhood.

Character Background: Mary Clark was born in London, England in 1870 to an Assassin mother and an affiliated father. As per her parents' desires, she and her twin sister Isabel were raised within the Assassin's Order and trained from a young age to cultivate the skills required of an Assassin. The newly rejuvenated London Brotherhood was desperate for members despite having recruited many during the past two years and receiving members from Crawley.

Mary and Isabel were very close during their childhood, both approaching the training given to them by the older members of the Brotherhood with enthusiasm, if a lack of understanding of the true meaning of what was being bestowed upon them. The pair of them had a reputation for slipping out of their home using their stealth and free-running skills and sticking their noses into the other Assassins' business. They performed their first leaps of faith together, holding hands, at age 10.

Two years later, the British Brotherhood received an offer from the Turkish Assassins in Constantinople to capitalize on the British-Ottoman alliance to exchange knowledge and skills. Evie Frye had moved to India with Henry Green a decade prior, setting a precedent for exchanges between branches of the Brotherhood, and Master Assassin Sir Jacob Frye accepted the proposal. Richard Clark put forth his daughters as the people to be traded, and the leader of their Order accepted. Of the twins, however, only one daughter was willing to go--Mary Clark. They bade her goodbye with tears, particularly Isabel, but both Richard and Alicia were more than happy at the potential this journey held for Mary.

She trained in Constantinople with the Levantine Assassins, who still adhere to many of the old ways established by Altair Ibn’la’Ahad’s Codex and revived by Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Inducted into their section of the Assassins’ Order at 13, having had her birthday while in transit, she has spent the last decade and a half with them and thoroughly absorbed their doctrines of efficient kills, respect for ceremony and tradition, and a deep understanding of the Creed. In a world where many of the Assassins Guilds worldwide have begun to allow their heritage and tradition to slip away in the light of a quickly progressing technological world, the Levantine Assassins cling tightly to their past and believe that it defines and directs their Guild.

Living in the Council House and base owned by the Assassins in the city in her teenage years, then with an adoptive family in Beyoglu from 19 years old to the time she returned to London. She trained with the other Levantine Assassin's apprentices despite her slightly younger age and quickly rose to excellence thanks to her dedication, hard work, and sincerity in following the Creed. In addition to this training in Constantinople, she spent a period of four years in Jerusalem training there.  By age 22, she had risen to the rank of Assassin Second Rank. She is currently Third Rank at age 26, and considered a Master Assassin in branches of the Brotherhood with less specific rank systems.

In response to the decimation of the London Brotherhood by the turncoat Jack the Ripper in 1889, Mary was sent by her Turkish brothers to aid in rebuilding in 1893. She found the London branch shaky but established, but was discouraged by the unanticipated awkwardness between herself and her twin, Isabel. While she did not understand that it was her own personality that did so, Mary also found that the London Assassins did not like her very much and attempted to return to Constantinople. She was refused.*

Now forced to remain in London, Mary did her best to assimilate. However, she approached it with the idea of shaping the London branch to her perception of the Creed and training rather than molding herself to fit theirs, and much strife bloomed from her attitude. To the increasing frustration of those around her, Mary repeatedly attempted to usurp control from the Order’s leader, Sir Jacob Frye, and was disobedient whenever it suited her to be. She disrespected their organization at nearly every turn, yet seemed to be oblivious to the fact that this was turning her new brothers and sisters against her. Isabel seemed to be her only ally eventually, and Mary made particular enemies with Sir Jacob. For nearly two years after arriving in London, she was prohibited from any missions and all but demoted to the rank of Initiate.

Finally, after having been put in so low a position as to gather information through bar waitressing, she was humbled. With the aid and support of Isabel, whom she continued to grow closer to, Mary allowed herself to adopt the pedagogy of the British Assassins. It was a slow process, but she was accepted by the members of the Brotherhood eventually.

Now attached to the city and its Assassins, Mary chose to remain in London long after the Ottoman Assassins would have let her return. Along with Isabel, she continued to rise in the London Brotherhood after Sir Jacob’s retirement and served a rank below Leader for several years. Due to her propensity for picking up languages and diplomacy, she essentially became the London Brotherhood’s international ambassador and continued to connect them with the other Assassin branches throughout the world.

Mary’s death came as a consequence of the Irish Civil War in 1920, battling with her Assassin brothers and sisters against the Templars in Dublin. Along with herself and nine British Officers, three other Assassins were killed on a day that came to be known as Bloody Sunday.

*personality and appearance date to this point in her life
Mary Clark - AC OC
Meet Mary Clark, my Assassin's Creed original character (and her family, all of who are also pretty wild OCs).

I wanted to store this online, and dA comes with the bonus of formatting and the ability to share. If anyone happens to come across this and cares to take the time to at least skim, I would love some feedback on her! I believe that with the exception of one other character, and perhaps not even that one, this is the most I have ever developed an OC. It's more or less my first shot at this, and I would love to hear what people think of her.

A couple of disclaimers: Mary was first conceived of after the announcement that there was going to be a game set in Victorian England but before Jacob and Evie were known as twins; I attempted to do my research, but some dates are loosely placed and international politics slightly fudged; the non-European names were made with a generator, so if there's some way they are inaccurate or crude please tell me so I can fix them.

Profile categories loosely based on VisionaryDame's Assassin's Creed OC template.

Mary Clark and related original characters are © falconstreaker, 2015.
I'm seriously gonna lose it if I see her somewhere I didn't put her.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
A microbiology and Legend of Zelda guru currently residing somewhere on the easterly side of the United States. I’m a fanfiction fanatic, cosplayer, published author, and the (former) Queen of ZeldaInformer’s wikipedia.

Currently a college student learning how to write academically (as opposed to just for fun because I want to) and with a constantly-shifting writing style. I’m obsessive, sometimes lazy, weirdly innocent, and prone to taking things far too seriously. She/her pronouns; fluent in English and competent in Spanish.

You’re welcome to call me by any name or title that you please. On most websites, I go by Falcon, Sparky, Trinity, or kiboeme. In the past, I’ve also used aspirations, Tea, Zeiki, Saridna Spider, and many more. Goddess, Queen, and Princess work too. Don’t worry about getting my name right. I’m good with anything that isn’t derogatory.

Unless you’re uncomfortable doing so for whatever reason, I request the use of respect whenever critiquing my work or my person in any way. I’m always open for constructive criticism! After all, how else do you improve?
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Does anyone know anything about collecting/appraising antique dolls? I have four that I dug up in my basement a little while ago, and while I know what they look like and their creators, I have no idea whether they are valuable or not. I have done a little research so that I can accurately describe them, so if you know anything about dolls I would appreciate an assist!

I have looked on Amazon, Ebay, and Google Shopping for the specific dolls and haven't come up with anything even similar to them. When I look at their brands and collections I get an idea of what they should be priced at ($15-$40 depending on the dolls), but if they are particularly rare or valuable I would appreciate getting my money's worth.


Doll #1
This doll is a Seymour Mann Connoisseur collection Limited Edition of 2,500 pieces with a "Certificate of Authenticity" signed by Seymour Mann. The back of the neck has a trademark for Seymour Mann and the Connoisseur collection on it as well as the doll's number, MCMXCI. She appears to have a head and all 4 limbs made of celluloid with a cloth body. Blonde with straight forehead bangs and blue eyes with eyelashes, wearing a blue flower-print dress with a bib, basket of flowers, and straw hat with a matching ribbon. She is fully clothed with all her original pieces, but her hair has been unbraided. No box.

Doll #2
Unmarked on the back of neck and otherwise unbranded. Tag on her body says she was made in China. This doll also appears to be made of celluloid, again with a cloth body and hard head and limbs. She has greyish-blue glass eyes with eyelashes, blonde hair elaborately styled with many curls and a scarlet bow, and an ankle-length dress with a maroon velvet bodice, beaded white lace bib, and satin/chiffon skirt with beaded bows. She comes with a small hand purse, also made of satin/silk and attached to the skirt of the dress. Her left arm is shattered, but still attached to her body.

Doll #3
Also a Seymour Mann Connoisseur collection doll (this one may be the part of the Limited Edition series with the "Certificate of Authenticity"). The back of the neck is marked as Seymour Mann and part of the Connoisseur collection. There is no number for this doll. She has a cloth torso, but celluloid arms, legs, and head. Her dress is mid-calf, made of black velvet with a black satin lining and white lace neckline and sleeve ends. The bodice was once beaded with four strands of pearl-like beads; only two columns of beads are left. Bright blue eyes with eyelashes and blonde hair styled elaborately with many curls and a faux-flower decoration. Victorian(?) style. The crown of her head has been smashed and she rattles when shaken, but no pieces have fallen out.

Doll #4
A Heritage Mint Ltd. doll (1988-1989). Brand name and dates marked on the back of the neck. No number for the doll. Cloth torso, but head, arms, and legs may be bisque. Carrot-red hair with straight forehead bangs, styled into a curly ponytail. This doll was purchased from someone else, so this may not be her original hair style. Brown eyes and painted-on lashes. More petite than the other three dolls. Her outfit consists of a white bell-sleeve, turtleneck under dress; a red bodice laced with thick gold thread and pearl-like beads; a red, white-lace-hemmed overskirt made of the same material as the bodice; a white apron lined with the same lace as the red overskirt; a pair of white stockings; and detailed white lace socks. She also has a detachable straw hat with the white lace from the rest of the doll and a thin pink ribbon. No damage, but the left shoe is missing.


So, if you could help me, that would be wonderful! I'm looking to get these sold as soon as possible, as I'm leaving for school and need the money and space. Feel free to leave a comment or note me privately if you are interested in purchasing them yourself or need more details on a particular doll!

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