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My soup is cold, and I am sad

My soup is cold, and it’s too much work to heat it back up

My soup is cold, and that wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t need something to warm and comfort me. But…

My soup is cold, and I do need that.

My soup is cold, and I am sad.

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This is the first time I've really tried anything like this, but I'm very satisfied with the way it turned out. Nothing too fancy going on here; mostly I was learning how to properly clone and tweak lighting to make the horse look like it actually belonged in the picture.

Horse ©SceneMyEmo
Background Background © ISOStock


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Does anyone know anything about collecting/appraising antique dolls? I have four that I dug up in my basement a little while ago, and while I know what they look like and their creators, I have no idea whether they are valuable or not. I have done a little research so that I can accurately describe them, so if you know anything about dolls I would appreciate an assist!

I have looked on Amazon, Ebay, and Google Shopping for the specific dolls and haven't come up with anything even similar to them. When I look at their brands and collections I get an idea of what they should be priced at ($15-$40 depending on the dolls), but if they are particularly rare or valuable I would appreciate getting my money's worth.


Doll #1
This doll is a Seymour Mann Connoisseur collection Limited Edition of 2,500 pieces with a "Certificate of Authenticity" signed by Seymour Mann. The back of the neck has a trademark for Seymour Mann and the Connoisseur collection on it as well as the doll's number, MCMXCI. She appears to have a head and all 4 limbs made of celluloid with a cloth body. Blonde with straight forehead bangs and blue eyes with eyelashes, wearing a blue flower-print dress with a bib, basket of flowers, and straw hat with a matching ribbon. She is fully clothed with all her original pieces, but her hair has been unbraided. No box.

Doll #2
Unmarked on the back of neck and otherwise unbranded. Tag on her body says she was made in China. This doll also appears to be made of celluloid, again with a cloth body and hard head and limbs. She has greyish-blue glass eyes with eyelashes, blonde hair elaborately styled with many curls and a scarlet bow, and an ankle-length dress with a maroon velvet bodice, beaded white lace bib, and satin/chiffon skirt with beaded bows. She comes with a small hand purse, also made of satin/silk and attached to the skirt of the dress. Her left arm is shattered, but still attached to her body.

Doll #3
Also a Seymour Mann Connoisseur collection doll (this one may be the part of the Limited Edition series with the "Certificate of Authenticity"). The back of the neck is marked as Seymour Mann and part of the Connoisseur collection. There is no number for this doll. She has a cloth torso, but celluloid arms, legs, and head. Her dress is mid-calf, made of black velvet with a black satin lining and white lace neckline and sleeve ends. The bodice was once beaded with four strands of pearl-like beads; only two columns of beads are left. Bright blue eyes with eyelashes and blonde hair styled elaborately with many curls and a faux-flower decoration. Victorian(?) style. The crown of her head has been smashed and she rattles when shaken, but no pieces have fallen out.

Doll #4
A Heritage Mint Ltd. doll (1988-1989). Brand name and dates marked on the back of the neck. No number for the doll. Cloth torso, but head, arms, and legs may be bisque. Carrot-red hair with straight forehead bangs, styled into a curly ponytail. This doll was purchased from someone else, so this may not be her original hair style. Brown eyes and painted-on lashes. More petite than the other three dolls. Her outfit consists of a white bell-sleeve, turtleneck under dress; a red bodice laced with thick gold thread and pearl-like beads; a red, white-lace-hemmed overskirt made of the same material as the bodice; a white apron lined with the same lace as the red overskirt; a pair of white stockings; and detailed white lace socks. She also has a detachable straw hat with the white lace from the rest of the doll and a thin pink ribbon. No damage, but the left shoe is missing.


So, if you could help me, that would be wonderful! I'm looking to get these sold as soon as possible, as I'm leaving for school and need the money and space. Feel free to leave a comment or note me privately if you are interested in purchasing them yourself or need more details on a particular doll!

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TixieLix Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Zelda fave!
barfast Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
Many thanks for the recent fav my friend!! I really appreciate it.
Steamland Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Student General Artist
I LOVE your new icon. so, have you herd of the netflix zelda roumor going around? whats your take on it?
falconstreaker Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks!  I have heard it.  I am honestly unsure of what to think of it, considering that despite the information coming from a relatively reliable source, Nintendo has not corroborated.  So at the moment, nobody even knows if it's going to happen for real, or if this is all just an elaborate prank like the one IGN pulled a few years back.

If it is real, I am greeting it with equal parts trepidation and excitement.  This could either go really, really well, or it could destroy TV/Movie Zelda for a long time.  Netflix has a few fantastic shows for their name, and if they got the right writer and gave Nintendo lots of creative control, it could go well.

The problem comes with the fact that Zelda characters, story-lines, and worlds have been designed around thoughts of game-play and video game storytelling, which is significantly different from screenwriting (as anyone who has attempted to write for video games, fiction, and screen scripts could tell you).  Everything is much more concise in video game scripts, so there is a lot that is left unsaid or up for interpretation.  You can also state things outright in video game scripts, whereas with screenplay you have to manipulate words more--'show, don't tell' so to speak.  Even then, I'm ommitting the fact that a TV series would be a serialized story, whereas video games shove it down the player/viewer's throat in one shot.  If they try to recreate a game or attempt an adaption of OoT for television... it would be generous to call that a disaster.

Another potential issue with a Zelda TV show is that this particular video game series is not mainstream or attached to any mainstream franchise.  Yes, Link, Toon Link, Sheik, Zelda, Ganondorf, and a host of other LoZ characters are in Super Smash Bros., but that is hardly considered pop culture.  Even then, the SSB audience is not the same one that the TV show would be targeted toward.  Thus, in order to promote the series, Netflix is going to have to do some serious marketing and promotion.  If they choose the route of popularizing it by using big-name actors for the primary roles, I will be very unhappy.  It's risky to use unknown actors for an unknown television series, but that's what needs to happen to make me and other Zelda fans happy with this show.

Casting is going to be damn near impossible, as will reproducing the magical and strange world of Hyrule with a TV-level CGI budget.  There are some topics and peoples covered in the games that are fine when utterly fictional, but will become problematic if projected on to real people (for example, portraying the marginalized Gerudo using black or middle eastern actors could quickly be dubbed racism).  Then there is also the factor of translating the distinctive 'feel' of a Zelda game on to a vastly different media.  Bonus: Link has to talk. 

The ways that a Zelda TV show could go wrong are innumerable.  All things considered, there is not going to be a single person that is going to be entirely satisfied with this show.  The fans are going to hate it because it can't possibly replicate or fit seamlessly with the existing canon of the games, and external critics are going to be annoyed by the inevitable fan-service.  We all know by now that Zelda fans are insanely persnickety when it comes to the continuity, gameplay, aesthetic qualities, and tradition of the series.  This picky nature is going to slide right over to the TV version of Zelda.  There will be people who are going to absolutely tear this show apart, because it is definitely going to have insane plot holes and massive continuity errors as the screenwriters and actors chase their tails trying to service fans.  There will also be people like me who wish it could have been better, but will unconditionally love it just because the official 'Zelda' trademark has been slapped on to a parade of glorified cosplayers.  Basically, it's going to end up a lot like The Hero of Time.  We'll laugh at it and give them a gold sticker for trying, then let it fall back into the quiet memory of the fandom along with the numerous fan moves, fan animations, and fan games that were created to honor everyone's favorite game series.  And that will be the end of it.  Nevertheless, it is always exciting to see how people interpret and react to Zelda, since it holds such a dear place in many people's heart.

It could also be a segue into bigger things for Nintendo if it doesn't go too badly, and it could ultimately result in a Zelda movie or a TV series of a game that is easier to serialize, such as Fire Emblem or Mario or even Kid Icarus.  We'd also get tons and tons of cool new Nintendo-licensed Zelda merchandise, which is a godsend for collectors and a reason for excitement on the part of the more casual fans.  So who knows, really.  All things considered, I'm just happy that this is finally going to be a thing.

TL;DR -- It could go really well, and I'm excited to see it regardless, but there is also so much that could go wrong.  To some extent, it's basically guaranteed that everyone in the fandom and out of it will hate the show.  But I'm excited anyway.
Steamland Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Student General Artist
the hell does TL;DR mean? (its probably sad that i;m 24 and still don't know muchnET lINGO]. oh, I know how different it is when it coems to video games and television screenwriting.  thoguht its not as different as you'd think hwoever nintendo doe sthings very differently form the rest of the crowd.]  Anywyas i'm with you to.

which si why it ihnk they should aniamte it. Aniamtion si cheaper,easier, and fits more within the canon fo Zelda.  jsut about anyone could play Link,Zelda,Ganon,etc, however it also depends on that incarnation as well. it' just a roumer until its offically confirmed.
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